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What exactly inspired you to create the Anesi house?

Apart from the fact that it was a woman who has upset her liffe on a daily basis, and my mother and sister complained about their lack of life, there were many other reasons that inspired me to create Anei

During my university, I spent about three years researting adaptive clothes and intellectual materials. I like it when we teamed up with the concepts of fashion and technology into early prototypes. When I took part in Engineering Reengineering on the hacaton "Engineering" in

But it was actually the conferences and the traets we visited later, which inspired us to build Aesni house. The excitement that every woman used to say every time we told them that we were working to adapt the bra was something that would push us toward the official start of business

It's the greatest feeling in the world, knowing you're creating something that makes people happy. And this is my only goal in life: developing products and services that make people happy

And how was the journey to the business road still going on?

It was a delicious 3 years, filled with glitch and a lot of prototypes. We study marketing, sales and, among other things, the acquisition of customers. We were finally able to launch

In fact, it's very difficult to start a business, especially if you want to build a big company. I am not the man who will own a small business-I want everything or nothing, that is, I want to create an empire! If I make a brand for life, I will make the world's best brand, and I will make it successful!

I think your endurance is the result of failure. What are your roadblocks?

How do I start? Several times we didn' t have enough money in the bank to continue. We were rejected by suppliers and did not hear from manufacturers that we had been in contact for more than six months

It wasn't easy. Nobody warned me that the design of the elevator would be so hard! Or maybe they did, and I was too stubborn to listen to anyone. I don't regret anything now, but I've thought about it many times

I'm glad you're stuck with him! What's the plan now? What happens next to you and Aesi's house?

Now the fun part starts! Money, sales, and growth. I've been waiting for this moment for so long! My goal is to make the Aesi house the only place for women to buy the most hi-tech and innovative intimate clothes that will improve their health and well-being

Personally, I want to run more companies. I feel a desire inside me to start something again. I always get new ideas and a planned business model in my head. The only thing I have to understand is how to control everything, not to burn. Many people will not have two types of business at the same time, which is right for some people. But I think you should come up with the right way to manage everything

Tell us about some people or resources in your life that helped you get your vision into life

First of all, I would like to thank my mother and my father for working with my crazy dreams and permanent complaints. Second, the Ryerson University, because it all started-if the DMZ is the DMZ

And how do you manage to balance your other commitments with House of Aesi?

I didn' t do a great job to be honest. So far, this day will not work part-time in Anesi so I can pay rent and bills. Before I worked 25 hours a week at other jobs, I also worked for 30 hours for Anavi. By the end of the week, I'd be dead. During the Kickstarter campaign, I was completely burned. That was really sad. For weeks, I was in a terrible mood. We'd get a lot of press coverage around the world, and I couldn't figure out how important it was. I'm just tired 24 hours a day. It took me three to four weeks after Kickstarter became "normal" again

Now I have two city coaches and a meditation every day. I try to remind myself of myself every day that I started this journey and what my goals are to support me. I

How can you spin this?

I watch a lot of Netflix, making billboards, visiting my mother in Ajax and spending time with her. Or I just go to the beach and sit there (I live in Beaches Beach). I also smoke, so it helps! (I can tell you this is legal now?)

I also read the lot that soothing me when I was very tense and hung out with my boyfriend after work

No pain, no pain. Am I right? Let' s talk about what day you experienced in the pursuit of your goal-rejection. How do you deal with that?

I don't care about him anymore, to be honest. You have to accept a refusal every day if you want to be an entrepreneor. You didn' t win the money? Okay, find him somewhere else. The factory isn't responding? Then log out of the system for 5 minutes, log off, and then open another factory. Someone doesn't like your product? That they wouldn't be your right client. Take all these refusals, make the product better, make your offer better, make yourself stronger and try again

Don't give up until you get what you want. Each refusal will help you to create something better

Office words. What is one skill (soft or technical) that continues to give you success as a young entrepreneor?

I'm very pushy, and I'm making shit fast. It could bite me in the ass sometimes, but honestly, I like working. I do something (it should not be perfect), test it, get feedback, improve, test it even more, get more feedback, improve. I'm not spending one or two weeks analyzing the idea to see if it's working or not, it's a waste of time and money. If my concept fails, I'd prefer it sooner than later, so I can make it faster. You don't need special education, like business or MBA to have business, you just need to have the mindset that you do, and you will succeed regardless of what

What advice do you give to one of the students ' readers of the SLN who want to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams?

Stop thinking about getting A on the exam and going to work. You can learn how to juggle school, internships, and part-time work. Only after you have a taste for this level of intensity, you must start a business. If your dream is to work for someone, do not heed this advice and go and become an expert in your field. For example, if you become a finance expert, you can become a financial CFO on startup. But if you want to start your business, you must be a founder and CEO, you have to learn how to manage 1,000 jobs at the same time and find reasonable and creative solutions to any problem that might arise in your case

All the books or articles that you would recommend to our readers to check?

In addition, go to LinkedIn and in the course of events in your industry. Finally, find everyone

Who inspired you? Who are some of your role models?

I'm looking for a woman, the head of women's labor, because we don't have many in this world. For example,

Anything is possible, you just have to have the will and the patience to do it

You're almost five years old at this time. What do you want to know before the adventure begins?

Creating something innovative is difficult, and it will take much longer than you think! The start of the company is already very complicated. But we're trying to create something new, something that hasn't been done before reinventing the wheel ... it seems impossible ... but it's worth it at the end. Only you won't build the company in six months, especially if you're creating tangible products

What advice do you give to our high school students who will go to post-secondary? And the perinatal students, the transition to their careers?

I moved to Canada from Greece specifically for the university, so I can only help students who come from different countries to Canada. It was hard not to lie. The limit on alcohol consumption makes it increasingly difficult, everyone else is older than me, so I can't communicate with them and make friends as I would. I'll tell you the same thing I said before -- not focusing only on evaluations, you have to get the work experience! You don't get a better job if you don't want you to get a master's or a doctoral degree. If you're going to be a businessman, you have to gain experience. And if you're going to your career, networking should be your favorite hobby. The network is absolutely vital these days

What's the best advice you've ever had?

"Bad PR is still a PR, not everyone like you will make money from those who do it."

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