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Tuesday, 15 December 2015.

The SWOT analysis is an effective method that the company uses to determine their ability to survive in the market, as well as revenue growth. GAP Inc.The world’s leading retailer, which deals with clothes, accessories and individual care products for the entire family. It operates six globally recognized brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, Intermix, Athlea and Pirperlime. The GAP contains more than 3200 stores worldwide, as well as an e-commerce Web site where customers can receive product information and make purchases

What is SWOT analysis for GAP Inc?

The SWOT analysis at GAP Inc. is essentially a study of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the garment giant, as far as the global market is concerned. The leadership will be able to get information on where to focus on continuing success

Deficiencies and threats to business are indicators of failure, and, knowing them, the company can easily take decisions and plans to avoid mistakes and avoid losses in the future. The following is a comprehensive analysis of SWOT, which is GAP Inc

Thanks to the six brands it operates globally, GAP managed to get a strong portfolio of products and brand recognition. In combination with a wide range of products that target the whole family, GAP Inc. enjoys worldwide recognition and loyalty

His presence on a wider geographical area is another force that has forced several people around the world to identify the company’s products

Because of the global reach of GAP Inc., businesses can record high inventory turnover rates. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why the company has a solid financial position in the market

The special section of GAP Inc for children is another option that has kept the business afloat, as such products will always be enthusiasable even when the market is not working well

Although GAP Inc. has a global database, the company is heavily dependent on suppliers without selling its services

The high competition in the garment industry and the accessories is also another weakness, since it assumes that many customers are learning new brands that can shift their purchasing trends. It also limits the company’s market share

GAP is not fully focused on the penetration of emerging markets, which limits its ability to grow and increase revenue

One of the opportunities that GAP Inc. can use is emerging markets in Asia and Europe. These markets represent an ideal platform for growth and profitability

The growing use of technology in business is another possibility. Due to effective online campaigns and purchases, the company can easily attract new customers for their products and brands around the world

Given the good performance of GAP Inc. in operating six major brands, it is proof that it can still form a franchise and joint ventures with other companies in the industry for more efficient development

The available market for children of clothing and products is also another opportunity that the company can fully explore to maximize profits

In the clothing and accessories market, there are very strong links between different brands, offering more fashionable goods at more competitive prices than GAP Inc

The rapid change in fashionable trends also poses another threat that the company must plan on how to deal with this trend

A fake is another problem that threatens the existence and success of business today

Another threat is the increase in production and operating costs, which can reduce profits

Conclusion on SWOT Analysis of GAP Inc

According to the SWOT analysis of GAP Inc., the company is strong enough to resist market forces, given the wide range of products and brands that provide global recognition, loyalty and financial power. However, it should continue to focus on international growth in emerging economies and increase its presence in the network. In addition, GAP Inc. also needs to consider trends in fashion to meet customer needs

In the above analysis, the SWOT analysis of GAP Inc. contains one of the best scientific articles you can read

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